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Submit a Game to AppStore - For beginners

By Neel Gajjar - Unity Developer In Unity Development

Steps to submit a Game to AppStore

1. Switch platform as iOS and then make a build

2. If you make a build in your Windows PC then you have to take that file to MAC and in the terminal, you have to give a permission to

    To give permission you have to write 

    xyz$ chmod + x/path/

3. Go to your Apple Developer Account and go to identifiers and click on + to add new one

    a) Give appropriate name        
    b) Now give bundle id and that should be same as you write in unity project settings

4. Create new provisioning profiles by click on + sign

    a) In distribution>select App store and continue
    b) Now select your identifiers from drop-down list and continue
    c) Select the certificate in which you want to submit your app
    d) Now give the name of the profile and continue
    e) Download your provisioning profile certificate

5. Connect to iTunes and go to myapps click on + to add new one

    a) Choose Platform iOS
    b) Give a unique name of your app
    c) Select your app's bundle id from drop-down list
    d) Now write down SKU which is unique (The purpose of having the SKU is so that     you can tie the app sales to whatever internal SKU number that your accounting is using.)

6. Go to Xcode, open your project and go to general settings

    a) Make sure bundle id is same.
    b) Deselect Automatic manage sign in.
    c) Choose your project's provisioning profile for signing.

7. Go to capabilities and check the functionality you add is on or not such as an in-app purchase.

8. Go to build settings

    a) Go to code signing identity and select your profile like iPhone  Distribution:xyz (7RXXJUX)
    b) Make sure development team is yours.
    c) Make sure provisioning profile is yours.

9. Go to product from title bar and select archive

10. After compiling all the files you have to export it and your .ipa is created

11. Now from Xcode>open Developer Tool>Application Loader

    a) Now choose your .ipa file and that file will upload to the app store

12. Now go to iTunes connect>myapp>select your app

    a) Fill app information
    b) Select tire info in pricing and availability
    c) In ios, App select build and add all the information, screenshots and then click on submit for review

13. It goes for moderation and status would be "Waiting for review"

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