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Cross Platform development for mobile apps?

Cross Platform Mobile application development

We at Bitwise Ventures are experts with cross platform development for mobile apps. iOS and android have taken over more than 95% market for mobile phone operating systems. It become imperative to target customers for both operating systems, and hence cross platform development comes in as a handy solution – kind of a best-of-both-worlds arrangement.

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Why Cross Platform mobile application development

Once you have decided to build a mobile app – the biggest next decision to be made is whether to build the app for Android or iOS or both ? So on what parameters do you decide this ?

There are few facts that should be kept in mind before coming to a conclusion.

  • Market share of android is the max – close to 75% as of 2019
  • Per user buying power of ios users is max – much high that android users
  • iOS has higher penetration in developed nations
  • Best case is to have your app build for both platforms – especially if the utility of the app is not limited to a company or geography

Now if you decide to develop for both ios and android – its not a easy decision. Both technologies being drastically different you will need separate developers/teams to build your app. Please note here that the backend or admin part (if your app requires one) can be common across both android and ios versions of your app. But the app itself has to be completely different. So source code can be utilized or reused between the two. This obviously increases the cost of development.

The other major factor to keep in mind is that – any good app keeps evolving. Most of the times it is never a build-once use-forever scenario. Which means that you will constantly need to bring new features and updates to your app – which means that we need to constantly work on updates on both android and ios versions.

Cross platform development in this case comes in as a boon. Almost all standard apps can be built using cross platform technologies like iONIC, React, Xamarin etc.

Building an app in cross-platform is like building only one version of your app – and making it run in both ios and android. This saves considerable amount of time and money. Also the post-launch revisions also now need to be done on one single code base.

The only thing to note here is that cross-platform technologies are not as powerful as native development. But they are pretty good for most standard app requirements. But if you are looking to develop high-end games or other complex apps which require advanced hardware use-cases (like gps/camera/gyrometer/compass etc. ) then cross-platform can be a let down. Hence, it becomes very important to be sure about your choice of platform, before beginning the development.

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Why Choose BitWise for Cross Platform mobile Development Services

Bitwise Ventures is a full stack software development company where in we work on both native and cross-platform mobile apps and desktop applicatins. Get your mobile application developed by our experienced cross-platform developers.