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Looking for iOS Development?

iOS Development

We at Bitwise Ventures are experts with IOS Application Development Company for iPhone and iPads. iOS is the operating system for apple devices. It is considered to be the most robust, secure and fast mobile operating system till date. More than the technical prowess, the real beauty of iOS lies in the expectional user experience and stunning app designs. Apple is very particular about the quality of the apps that get listed on its app store, unlike android. iOS hence commands a premium and its users have the highest purchasing power.

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Why iOS application development

Development for iOS becomes really important and not-tob-be ignored need if you anticipate your market in the developed nations of USA, UK, Canada, Australia. The penetration of iOS devices in USA is very high and hence a great market for ios apps. The power of iOS lies in its seamless integration between iphones, ipads and mac machines.

This also means that the app-engagement per user will be high in case of iOS because of multiple devices working seamlessly. Also on an average, iOS users spend more money per user over apps than android. So while, the penetration of ios is only close to one-third of android, the purchasing power is multi-fold. So if you are thinking of choosing between ios and android – the deciding questions are :

  • is your app’s market global OR primarily developed nations ?
  • Does your app have a paid version?
  • Are you going to make an app which is expectionally good on the user experience and design parameters ?

If the answer to above questions is yes, then probably you should not ignore ios version of your app.

Why Choose BitWise for iOS Development Services

Bitwise Ventures is an iOS application development company that has helped many entrepreneurs and business owners to realize their dreams. Get your iphone/ipad application developed by our experienced Apple developers.

We have full stack developer team to develop native iOS apps with backend (Admin panel) in laravel/python or other server language. We can also build real-time applications like poker / teen patti.