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Case Study





TATASky was a 3 year project where in we worked on more than 20 different modules. This system was called TATASky Universe, and was for its 2000+ work force. It was an intranet system - but nothing like the others in market. TATASky wanted the intranet system to be

  • Colorful
  • Glamorous
  • Fun
  • Interactive
  • Engaging

We were given complete creative freedom. It was FUN project to work on - due to creative liberty.

My intranet
My ideas

Were we asked the team for ideas on what they would like to have in the intranet.


A module which announced launching of new initiatives in a very stylish manner.

Joining Dossier

Digitization of the dossier for new joinees.

Development survey module

The 360 degree feedback system

The Dashboard

Dynamic dashboard which was inspired by windows TILE design - which was in vogue at that time. Everyone loved the new colorful vibrant dynamic interface.

Discussion board

Based on the famous TATASky TV Commercial "Puchne main kya jaata hai" - we developed a system where even the lowest of the team member could ask any question to the highest of authorities (including CEO) at TATASky.

Punch Your Boss

A fun sequence, where if a vertical head - is not replying to some query of a junior - a punch screen opens up and he/she can punch the boss with a reason. Super animation done in flash actionscript.

(Adobe Flash required)


A fun game-based module where employees could comment on their colleagues anonymously. Extreme fun, and resulted into great engagement.

(Adobe Flash required)

TATASky Induction

Animated induction document for new joinees. Done in flash actionscript.

(Adobe Flash required)