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Case Study

AV Scan




AVScan Global is a survey tool which allows corporates in learning the extent to which the true intent of their vision and mission are felt throughout the span of their enterprise via Surveys. Besides the standard surveys, AVScan’s power lies in the OCM tool. AVScan has the following features : - Question creation and management via a question bank - Respondent import and creation - Survey creation and setting various parameters - LIVE survey conduct along with pre-scheduled surveys - Various reports

The system allows you to create various question types - which can be used for various surveys.

The following are currently supported :

  • Agree / Disagree
  • Double parameter (dual question)
  • Multiple selection (select many of many)
  • Single selection (objective - select one of many)
  • Rank (sort the options to rank them in order of preference)
  • Rate (rate each option)
  • Slide (slider to input)
  • Subjective (open ended)
  • True False (binary - true false OR right wrong)
  • Weight input by respondent
  • Weight option

The system also has advanced features like skip logic, anonymous surveys and white labelling for clients.