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Ledger is a basic way for maintaining records of money in accounting. As time progressed, the way of maintaining ledger improved. With advent of technology, the ledgers were stored in single central server node. All client nodes created and stored their ledger copies in central server. Due to central server, came the issue of centralized data...

What is IPFS ?

By Pratik Jain In BlockChain & ICO's
IPFS is an effort to overcome inherent challenge posed by orthodox web language HTML. HTML has been found to be delayed, centralized & short term (content can be removed by host anytime). While IPFS is a P2P hypermedia technology to convert the web into speedier, safer, and more open. The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a P2P distributed...

What is Block time?

By Pratik Jain In BlockChain & ICO's
The term block time relates to an average time. It is a measure of for how long it takes the hashing power of the network to search a solution for block hash. The difficulty is calculated as proportional to the hashing power accordingly, on an average, the block time is 600 seconds for Bitcoin and 20 seconds for Ethereum. In reality, block time can...

What is DApp?

By Pratik Jain In BlockChain & ICO's
There is increasing sense of need for decentralisation of web content these days due to over centralisation of the data. As we are aware, major centralisation nodes for data in todays world, as evolved over the years has been Facebook, Google, Amazon and few more. This has brought in a way a scenario where entire data on internet has become...

How to design NoSQL Database efficiently

By Anuja Agrawal In NoSQL
In today’s world of Big Data, everyone is looking for efficient ways to store data that supports building high-level analytics. Here come the NoSQL databases into existence.When it comes to database designing, most of the people who migrate from SQL to NoSQL databases find it difficult to effectively design their database, because NoSQL databases...

What is Graphene?

By Pratik Jain In BlockChain & ICO's
Graphene™ is a platform of software to deploy generation third in a cryptographical manner with secure decentralized ledgers which are known to be based of blockchains. One can consider Graphene as a toolkit for real-time blockchains. Systems based of Graphene have orders of magnitude with better performance than first-generation or even 2nd...
Both Swarm and Whisper are complementary technologies contributing to the vision of Ethereum as a "world computer". When imagining Ethereum as a metaphor for a shared computer, it should be noted that computation alone is not enough. For a computer to be fully useful, it also needs storage to "remember" things and bandwidth to "communicate" them....