Our Team

We are Bit Wise, Bit Funny, Bit Awesome, Bit Naughty... and a Bit of lots more

Jay Purohit - Digital Marketing/SEO Trainee

Jay Purohit

Business Development Executive

Think and implement

Abbas Kapasi - Digital Marketing Executive

Abbas Kapasi

Digital Marketing Executive

Mistakes are proof that we are trying.

Rahul Chauhan - Back-end Developer

Rahul Chauhan

Back-end Developer

Perfection over completion.

Bhautik Senjaliya - PHP Developer

Bhautik Senjaliya

PHP Developer

Its hard to compile my Attitude.

Ankit Vasoya - PHP Developer

Ankit Vasoya

PHP Developer

Truth can be found only in code.

Ankit Dave - Unity 3D Developer

Ankit Dave

Unity 3D Developer

I want to change the world if they provide me source code.

Mayank Chauhan - PHP Developer

Mayank Chauhan

PHP Developer

Being cool.!!!

Kinjal Waghela - Android Developer

Kinjal Waghela

Android Developer Trainee

Productivity is more than just the quantity of work done. It is also quality.

Neel Gajjar - Unity Developer

Neel Gajjar

Unity Developer

The whole world is in my development scope.